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Nanotheranostics Lab News


10/26/2023: Today, we gather to extend our congratulations to Angela for her remarkable achievement in winning the 2023-2024 Outstanding Engineering Doctoral Graduate Student Award from the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University. 

06/01/2023:  We are excited to welcome two new PATHS-UP REU students joining our team today: Jacob Quintero and Tife Idowu. Additionally, we look forward to the return of a RET high school teacher, Ofelia Garza, and the arrival of a high school student who will join us later this summer!

08/30/2022:  Welcome Nhu again to the Nanotheranostics Team as a Ph.D. Candidate! Nhu has been a part of our laboratory since January 2021 as an undergraduate research assistant.


06/01/2022:  We are excited to welcome Sydney Fitzpatrick to join us as a PATHS-UP REU student.  

12/30/2021: Great way to end the year! Congratulations to Siddhant on getting his paper titled '3-D Printed SERS-active Thin Film Substrate Used to Quantify Levels of a Genotoxic Isothiazolinone' accepted into ACS Omega.

12/15/2021: Traveling again....this time to EAS 2021 in Princeton, NJ to give a talk on SERS-based diagnostic devices.

12/14/2021: Congratulations to Angela on getting her first Nanotheranostic Group paper titled 'Synthesis of SERS-Active Core–Satellite Nanoparticles Using Heterobifunctional PEG Linkers' published in RSC Nanoscale Advances.

11/26/2021: Notice of award....We look forward to working with StabiLux Biosciences Inc as part of their STTR Phase II supplement.

10/26/2021: Dr. Mabbott travels to SciX Rhode Island to give two research talks.

08/30/2021: Welcome to the new members of the Nanotheranostics Team: Kerry Ng (Ph.D candidate) and Rajshri Ragi (M.Sc Candidate).

08/25/2021: We have some winners!!! Congratulations to our DeBakey Undergraduate team (Sergio Gomez Avila, Tristen Gates, Charlene Pua and Nhu Vu) for winning first prize in the HIV/AIDS division of the NIBIB and VentureWell sponsored DEBUT challenge.

06/02/2021: Today, we welcome our new PATHS-UP REU student Melanie who will be joining us in the lab over the summer! We also look forward to working with a teacher and high school student over the Summer too.

05/27/2021: Congratulations to our three Aggie undergraduate researchers, Tristen Gates, Nhu Vu, and Peyton Wilcox who presented their groups' research conducted in our lab at the Aggie Research Program Symposium. Special thanks to Angela for doing an excellent job supervising them!

05/01/2021: So you want to start a lab? check out this SPIE article with includes advice offered by PI's including Dr. Mabbott.

04/07/2021: Dr. Mabbott presents at ACS (ANYL: Young Chemists & Automated Chemical and Biochemical Identification Section). 

03/08/2021: Dr. Mabbott presents our paper titled 'Towards point-of-care detection of microRNAs using paper-based microfluidics' at SPIE Bios. The research was carried out by Siddhant and Suhas. 


01/15/2021: We welcome two teams of Aggie Researchers to our lab.


12/11/2020: Congratulations to Namratha (M.Sc) and John (M.Eng) on their graduation!!!

10/06/2020: Congratulations to Namratha for successfully defending her Masters thesis. Thank you to her committee members Dr. Gerard Coté and Dr. Ya Wang for the great discussion.

06/02/2020: Our NSF proposal titled 'Point-of-care Biosensing Using a Novel Paper Fluidic and SERRS' got funded!!! We look forward to starting the work with Dr. Coté and Dr. Choudhury.

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