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The research carried out in the lab can be broadly split into three areas, which are categorized by the questions we aim to answer, but are all interconnected with the goal of impacting global healthcare.

Noble Metal Nanoparticle Design and Bio-functionalization

How can nanoparticles be best designed for their application?

How can we improve the understanding of structure-activity relationships?

Does changing the morphology of nanoparticles affect bio-functionalization?

silver NPs.jpg

Silver Nanoparticles

Diagnostics and Sensing

Gold NPs.jpg

How can nanoparticles be best utilized in point-of-care testing?

Can we improve existing devices?

Do sensing approaches adhere to the ASSURED criteria? 

Gold Nanoparticles


Can nanoparticles be used as drug/biomolecule delivery vehicles?

Can we precisely control therapeutic effects?

How can we approve targeting in-vivo?

Exploding NP.jpg

Artistic Impression of Nanoparticle Photothermal response (created using Blue Lighting tutorial

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